Puretek B-002 Whole House Water Filter
Puretek B-002 Whole House Water Filter
Puretek B-002 Whole House Water Filter
Puretek B-002 Whole House Water Filter
Puretek B-002 Whole House Water Filter

Puretek Whole House Water Filter


The Puretek Water Filter is a unique POE whole-house filtration system that brings a new approach to the water industry. developed and designs with human health in mind and the way we consume water on a day-to-day basis.

* Certified By IAPMO R&T in compliance with NSF/ANSI Standards 61&42, ASSE and Standards Council of Canada

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Product Details
All-in-One Water Filtration System

  • Ideal For City Water

  • Industry Breakthrough Tech 

  • Built In Descaler To prevent Lime Scale 

  • Filter Down to 1.0 Microns

  • Reduces Chlorine

  • Reduces Lead

  • Reduces Heavy Metal

  • Reduces Light Metals

  • Reduces Micro Plastics

  • Reduces Uranium

  • Reduces Nitrate

  • Reduces Mercury

  • Reduces VOC’s

  • Reduces Herbicides and Pesticides

  • The Puretek can be extended using our Omega Filters for larger reduction levels if needed such as Fluoride, Chlorine, and Lime Scale 

The world we live in has created a belief that clean water is water that is completely stripped of all minerals. But the truth is that minimum levels of certain essential minerals are needed

As the old saying goes, "You are what you eat." Well, in this case, A better statement would be, "You are what you drink." The human body is 70% water and the minerals within the water are very crucial to our body and health.

Sadly, the water most of us are getting delivered to our house by the city is contaminated with a very long list of things, but these waters also hold the minerals within them that are so crucial to us.

Imagine how beneficial it would be to reduce all the contamination while keeping all the minerals in the water. this is what the Puretek system is all about!

RO systems Aka (POU System) strip all the minerals from the water and creates what the industry named “Empty Water”. This type of system is very common as under-the-sink units and has an extremely slow filtration process. RO system will get the chlorine level to zero which might be great for drinking water but bringing the chlorine value to zero in a whole house system (POE) is not such a good idea as standing still water within your pipes is now exposed to the growth of bacteria. that being said you still want to reduce the chlorine to a safe level with the POE system, that is what Puretek is all about

The Puretek Water System is all about restoring the water to its natural form, by reducing almost every possible contaminant without stripping the minerals but keep it safe within the pipes making sure no bacteria growth will occur. It also reduces lime scale using our unique patent that doesn’t use any ION exchange which will protect your pipes and appliances, so they last longer

Many of us tend to judge the water quality by the smell and taste, and that is because we are so used to purified water but at the same time, we tend to forget how important is to have clean & safe water for example when we are taking a hot shower.

The human body is a fabulous machine that humanity is still learning but one thing we know for sure our digestive system and stomach act as a filter. but when we are taking a hot shower and our pours are open the contamination takes a shortcut straight to our bloodstream that issue will not get solved by the POU system but will be solved by a POE system

Puretek is one of the smallest POE whole house systems on the market, providing a broad-spectrum level of filtration that some larger systems cannot filter. We do this by combing nature in mind and patented water science. We use no electricity which makes it an Eco-friendly system

The Puretek has been developed and designed with health in mind, sometimes we like to compare this system to the multivitamin concept.

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