Puretek Water System

How It Works


Stage #1 - Air Vent

In the first step, the air is removed from the water, which prevents aerobic bacteria from entering the water. This step as well helps remove corrosion and lead leakage. It is a very beneficial step as it removes the media at which bacteria can grow.


Stage #2 - Precious Metal

In the second step, water is passed through semi-precious metals. It attracts carbonic acid ions to remove them from the water, this method prevents lime-scale buildup without demineralizing the water. Ultimately it helps to prevent all the problems related to Limescale. Limescale may restrict water flow, can cause blockages, increases maintenance costs, and reduces the heat transfer efficiency of boilers and cooling water systems significantly.  This step also helps reduce the chlorine levels in the water. The precious metals help crystalize the lead in the water, which then is trapped in the PF filter.


Stage #3 Ceramic Balls

In the third step water passes through ceramic balls.  The ceramic balls adsorb hazardous materials such as arsenic which comes from agriculture spraying. It also captures bacteria and viruses such as Legionella & Pseudomonas. Ceramic balls are effective in the reduction of impurities including carcinogens like Chloroform and heavy metals in water supplies.

Puretek Water System


Stage #4 - Mg+2

Mg+2 balls add up 60mg/L of magnesium to your water.  Magnesium has many health benefits and is a natural mineral in water.  Using specific Mg+2 balls also balance the mineral content in the water.  Magnesium helps with the taste of the water.


Stage #5 - PF Filter

In the fifth step water is passed through a filter made of polypropylene. The water flows through microtubes up to 1 micron to trap/ prevent water parasites through microplastic fibers. This results in contamination free water.


Stage #6 - Multi Magnetic Sleeve

In the last step water is passed through a magnetic sleeve made of pure silicone. The sleeve contains 4 strong Neodymium magnets to attract metal ions. 


Stage #7 - Jet Valve

Jet valve is at the bottom of the filter, which is used to drain all the contaminants extracted from the water, no electricity is required.

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