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Water and the Minerals it contains are vital for the human body. We drink water. We bathe water. We cook with water.

But, is the water in your home dangerous for your health?


The water we consume may contain bacteria, viruses and parasites that may cause diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, fever, and sometimes even death. Water coolers as well as mineral water bottles are bacteria incubators because they do not use chlorine which prevents them.


Lead is very dangerous to the human body! It is important to note that lead does not only enter the bloodstream through what you drink but mainly, through skin pores and the respiratory system as a result of contact with water or breathing its vapors when bathing. The Puretek Water System is the only water filtration system in the world that successfully reduces lead leakage from pipes and fittings in your home.


Scientists examined dozens of tap water samples from countries around the world. The findings were disturbing because 83% of the samples were found to be contaminated with plastic fibers. The U.S. had the highest contamination rate – plastic fibers were found in 94% of the tap water samples. The Puretek Water System filters water to a level of less than 1 micron, stopping PLASTIC MICRO FIBERS from entering your home.


Scale deposits impair the taste of water and may therefore affect the taste of your coffee and the tap water your drink. Scale buildup also causes white residue on bathroom fixtures, causing them to lose their natural shine. Scale may also cause corrosion and even leaks. If you’ve ever felt that no matter how much you moisturize your skin, or how dutifully you care for your hair, neither feel quite as you’d like them to, hard water could be to blame.


One of the most common problems caused by scale is its buildup on heating elements (dishwasher, hot water piping, washing machine), which damages them. Also, a layer of scale creates a layer of insulation, which increases electricity use every inch of scale leads to an increase in electricity consumption, and therefore a higher monthly expense that can be reduced. The Water System reduces up to 99% of all scale deposits in all water in your home.


Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle cramps in the limbs, a drastic increase in blood pressure, fluid retention and even pregnancy toxemia, which may even cause miscarriage and endanger a woman’s life. The Puretek Water System proactively adds magnesium at a level of 60 mg/L, and is suitable for both natural and desalinated water.
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